Conic Engineering Corporation Limited  was established in 1994
by a group of Thai engineers. Conic Engineering’s has office in Bangkok, Thailand
that services hundreds of qualified distributors.
  The company is a distributor of products, including copper, fiber optic cables and accessories
for communication, power and electronics in its four divisions.
    The three different divisions are :
1. Power cable and accessories division

    The company supplies low, medium and high voltage power cables   and also extra high voltage
    underground cables and many kinds of accessories that concerning with cables installation work.

2. Tele communication and electronic cables and accessories division
    The company supplies mainly telephone copper conductors, electronic wire cables, fiber
    optic cable single mode and multimode fibers and many kinds of accessories concerning
    with cables installation work.

3. Industrial control and automation
    The company is a distributor of industrial control and automation and offers a full range of products     and services vender a major international brand name Tele.

    Tele is a leader in industrial control and automation in Europe throughout the world.

The high quality service, Technical expertise, Reasonable prices and short delivery time has
given Conic Engineering Co.,Ltd. the good expectation of a committed supplier who become
leader in this business.